Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement

We believe in building inclusive places for our employees to work, live and grow, embracing creativity and diversity, passion, and innovation, while positively impacting our communities and the world around us.

DIA Commitment

Our culture is one of belonging and we celebrate those experiences so that our people may thrive in an environment where Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement is at the forefront in everything we do. Learn more about our commitment:

Our Team

In 2020 we established Dream’s Diversity, Inclusion & Advancement team which consists of leaders and employees from of all levels, regions, and backgrounds throughout our organization. This team is passionate about elevating and building our expertise and responsibility to making a difference and having an impact for our people and our communities.

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Social Procurement

Dream has unveiled a new Social Procurement Strategy that is one of the most ambitious in Canada. By supporting equity-seeking groups and creating new pathways for local, independent and socially responsible businesses our new targets will make the supply chain more diverse and inclusive by 2025.

Our Pillars

At Dream we value Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement for our workforce and communities. We believe in making our work environment and the communities in which we operate in a space for all individuals to be their authentic selves. This is best reflected through our engagement in 4 pillars: Listen, Learn, Action and Accountability.


Hearing the stories of our employees and stakeholders to understand the pulse around diversity, inclusion and equity at Dream.


We believe in constantly educating ourselves on best practices and ways to make our workforce and communities more inclusive.


Not only do we say we want to accomplish things, but here at Dream we take actionable measures to ensure we are following through on our obligations.


At Dream we hold ourselves responsible by measuring and monitoring our goals and progress with tangible and real data.

Our Focus

We are committed to reviewing our practices and ensuring there are no gaps in how we operate. To do this effectively, we have focused on our four employee-led workstreams that aim to foster a more inclusive culture:


The community workstream works towards giving back, promoting inclusivity and providing support to community-based organizations that are focused on underserved communities. We believe that it is fundamentally important to give back and support underserved communities.


Our recruitment workstream focuses on continuing to hire diverse talent while removing unconscious bias during the hiring process. We are also aiming to target a larger network by supporting community-based organizations to create pipelines to recruit, attract, expose and mentor underrepresented communities.


Our advancement workstream is to work towards growing and developing our internal talent at all levels within Dream. In addition, work externally to provide supports and resources to grow and develop individuals that aren’t easily awarded or have access to opportunities.

Dream Groundbreaking

DREAM Difference

Our DREAM Difference workstream focused on opportunities to leverage our networks, partners and contractors in order to provide opportunities to those underrepresented in the BIPOC Community. With a unique opportunity to pay it forward, we’re also able to provide short term or measured support to community/not-for-profit groups via accommodations and mitigating the cost of rent.


We measure our progress on diversity and inclusion in many ways, most recently from our 2021 Employee Engagement Survey, our employees voluntarily self-disclosed diversity information which will act as our benchmark data and through our activities, initiatives and programs we will strive to create an even more diverse workforce.

As of June 2021:


of Employees are Female


of Employees Identify as Visible Minorities


of Employees Identify as having a Disability

Based on 86% of employees responding


of Employees Identify as LGBTQ+


of Employees Identify as Indigenous

Based on 86% of employees responding

Age Demographics:


of Employees are under the age of 35


of Employees are between the ages of 35-54


of Employees are over the age of 55


Our Accomplishments to Date

Our DIA team has worked hard to continue to improve our great culture and focus more efforts on Diversity, Inclusion and Advancement internally and externally by building better communities. Here is a list of victories we’ve been able to implement to date with the help of everyone at Dream!

Our Partnerships

Together, we can make a difference.

Current opportunities