Coupa Supplier Support

Effective May 2023, Dream has transitioned to Coupa for our Canadian & US operations. 

Coupa is a leading cloud-based eProcurement solution that allows Dream to manage our business spend. The Coupa Supplier Portal (CSP) is a free tool for suppliers to easily do business with Dream. The CSP allows suppliers to receive purchase orders, set up delivery methods, manage their payment information, send invoices and check the status of transactions.

How are vendors impacted?

How are vendors impacted? 

Dream offers our vendors three potential electronic formats to interact with Coupa. Any of the automated solutions are a “win-win” for both organizations, so we encourage you to select the method which makes the most sense for your organization. The following options are available: 

  1. CSP – Coupa Supplier Portal – A free, secure and easy to use portal giving vendors 24/7 access to their account information. You’ll be able to receive purchase orders, add invoices, check the status of transactions, choose flexible options for receiving payments and access handy tools to connect with us.
  1. SAN – Supplier Actionable Notifications – Notifies vendors via email of purchase order details and allows vendors to invoice directly from emailed purchase orders.
  1. cXML – A direct digital data transmission between Coupa and your system for PO and invoices.

To begin transacting with Dream in one of the above methods, please reach out to [email protected]

What are the benefits to me?

  • Faster – Prompt, automated distribution of PO’s and receipt of invoices submitted in accordance with our agreed terms.
  • Hassle-free – Once you’re set up on any of the electronic methods, manual efforts are reduced at various levels.
  • Transparency – Greater control, automation, and visibility over the complete order management process.
  • Good for the planet – Reduction / elimination of paper transaction documents. Less paper means we’re all doing our part to protect the environment. 

I’ve received an invitation to join the CSP. What do I do next?

  1. View the vendor training resources prior to completing the CSP invitation forms.
  2. Have your current contact and banking information ready.
  3. If you are a vendor that services more than one of our Dream companies, you will be required to complete multiple enrolment forms.
  4. In the email, you will get the option to“Respond & Join” or “Respond Without Joining”. We encourage joining the CSP for online maintenance of your information and simple transmission of PO’s and invoices.
  5. The CSP is free, so when Coupa refers to a payment, it is for additional services and is optional. No payment is required to join the CSP!

If you select “Respond and Join”, the following actions are required: 

  • Answer the Coupa-required CSP questions
  • Answer the Dream-required questionnaire

If you select “Respond Without Joining”, the following actions are required: 

  • Answer the Dream-required questionnaire
  • Note: This option does not give vendors access to update or view PO’s, invoices, or payment status.
    • If any updates are required to vendor information such as address or banking changes, you will have to request a new form by emailing [email protected] and complete the form in full vs making updates directly on the CSP.

As part of Dream’s Social Procurement initiative, the onboarding form contains questions regarding the equity-seeking composition of the vendor’s company. These are required questions and we request you answer them as accurately as possible.

In order to avoid delays in processing invoices or payments, please complete the questionnaires within a timely manner. We understand this can be a tedious and repetitive process and we appreciate your patience during the enrolment process.

Vendor Training Resources

The following training material is to assist you in completing your profile and how to use the CSP.

Coupa Supplier Portal Reference Guide (download)

Introduction to Coupa Supplier Portal (video)

Questions? We’d love to help

For all vendor inquiries on the Coupa Supplier Portal or Coupa in general, please send an email to [email protected]. We recommend adding the contact to your “safe” emails.

Please note: this email is not used for invoicing queries. Please reach out to your local Dream contact for assistance with daily AP activities. 

Thank you to everyone who participates in this Dream initiative.