Dream Impact Trust


Effective February 16, 2024, the Trust has suspended its monthly cash distribution to Unitholders. Prior to February 16, 2024, the Trust paid a monthly cash distribution to Unitholders derived from the Trust’s indirect ownership of our assets through Dream Impact Master LP. Unlike fixed income securities, there is no obligation on the Trust to distribute to Unitholders any fixed amount, and reductions in, or suspensions of, cash distributions may occur that would reduce the cash flow yield based on the initial price per Unit.


Effective with the August 2022 distribution payable on September 15, 2022 to unitholders of record as at August 31, 2022, the Trust’s DRIP will be reinstated, allowing unitholders to reinvest their distributions into new units of the Trust, with no bonus distribution and no commissions.

Distribution Reinvestment and Unit Purchase Plan