Diverse portfolio of high-quality real estate assets


publicly traded impact investing vehicle in Canada.


net asset value
as at December 31, 2021.(1)
(updated annually)

1) For the Trust’s definition of the following specified financial measure: NAV per unit, please refer to the Specified Financial Measures and Other Disclosures section of the 2021 Annual Report. NAV per unit is updated annually. NAV is not a standardized financial measure under IFRS and might not be comparable to similar measures disclosed by other issuers.

Dream Impact Report

June 2022

Dream Impact Report 2022

May 2022

Dream Disclosure Statement

May 2021

Dream Impact Report 2021

Current Investor Presentation

November 2022

Investor Presentation

Impact Financing Framework

May 2022

Impact Financing Framework

July 2021

Impact Financing Framework Eligibility Assessment

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