Dream Industrial REIT

Dream Industrial REIT is a pure-play industrial REIT that owns high-quality industrial properties across Canada, the U.S. and Europe

Our Strategy

Dream Industrial REIT’s core strategy is to grow our portfolio of industrial properties across Canada, the U.S. and Europe, providing a solid platform for stable and growing cash flows by:
• owning and operating a high-quality portfolio of industrial assets in markets with strong operating fundamentals;
• investing in our key markets in industrial assets offering long-term cash flow and net asset value growth prospects;
• maximizing the value of our industrial assets through innovative asset management strategies;
• providing compelling total returns to our unitholders, anchored by sustainable cash distributions; and
• integrating sustainability at the corporate and property levels.

Global Acquisition Platform

With a global acquisition platform, we have local, on-the-ground teams with a strong track record of sourcing attractive industrial
assets across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. We have strong established relationships in all our local markets which allows us to
source high-quality and accretive acquisitions with long-term cash flow and net asset value growth potential.

Continuous Portfolio Optimization

We regularly evaluate and benchmark each individual asset in our portfolio, assessing historical and future performance as well
as value growth potential. We identify opportunities to recycle assets within our portfolio and reinvest the proceeds into higher
quality assets that are less management and capital intensive. When evaluating potential acquisitions, we consider a variety of
criteria, including expected cash flow returns; replacement cost of the asset; its location, functionality and appeal to future
tenants; sustainability attributes of the asset and how the asset complements our existing portfolio; and per Unit accretion.

Active Asset Management

Through creative asset management strategies, initiating and executing on development projects enables us to unlock organic net
operating income and net asset value growth. We actively manage our assets to optimize performance, maintain value and attract
and retain tenants. We have local teams across our portfolio with over 80 real estate professionals highly experienced in leasing,
operations and portfolio management operating out of nine regional offices in our key markets. We strive to ensure that our assets
are the most attractive, efficient and cost-effective premises for our tenants.

Conservative Financial Policy

We operate our business in a disciplined manner with a focus on maintaining a strong balance sheet and liquidity position. We
seek to maintain a conservative leverage, naturally hedge foreign currency investments, and build up a high-quality unencumbered
asset pool, while reducing borrowing costs and preserving liquidity

Focused Portfolio Strategy

In Canada, our strategy is to acquire mid-to-large-bay properties primarily in the Greater Toronto Area and the Greater Montréal
Area where we expect to benefit from increased user demand relative to supply of quality industrial product, and where in-place
rental rates are generally below market rental rates and the outlook for rental rate growth is robust. The Trust is also targeting to
increase scale in our existing sub-markets and add to our large urban logistics clusters.
In the U.S., our strategy is to acquire larger bay distribution properties in major markets within the Midwestern U.S., capitalizing
on strong e-commerce demand for distribution assets, steady contractual rent growth and attractive going-in capitalization rates.
In Europe, our goal is to acquire mid-to-large-bay properties in major markets in the Netherlands and Germany. Across these
markets there is growing demand for urban logistics space, increased user demand relative to supply of quality industrial product,
attractive going-in capitalization rates and upside potential from growth in market rents.

Property Management

Dream Industrial Management Corp. provides real estate services – including property management and leasing – to properties owned by Dream Industrial REIT.

Our management team and staff are committed to:

Continually improving the quality of our office communities through efficient property management, value added services for our tenants and capital improvements to our assets; and providing customer service excellence. Our top priority is providing a physical environment essential to the well-being of our tenants and the success of their business.

An important key to our success is our vertically integrated property management operations, which includes tenant services and property operations, lease administration accounting and reporting, and in-house construction management and leasing capabilities.


Our web-enabled response system provides tenants with the ability to submit and monitor their service requests online.

Whether it’s a light bulb that needs replacing or if the temperature is just not right, simply login and enter your request. Should you have any questions or trouble logging in, please contact us at [email protected]

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