Management Team

Our team is made up of the industry’s smartest, most dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced real estate investment, asset management and financial professionals that have a proven track record of creating value.

Board of Directors

Our board of directors is made up of highly experienced, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who each have expertise in all key areas of Dream’s businesses. Our board currently consists of 8 members:

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Dream’s Committees assist in the effective fun­c­tioning of the Board and help ensure that the views of Independent ­Directors* are effectively represented.

Independent Director

A Director that is independent within the meaning of NI 58–101. An Independent Director is one who is not an employee or executive officer of Dream and who is free from any direct or indirect relationship which could, in the view of the Board, be reasonably expected to interfere with independent judgment.

Audit Committee

Governance, Environmental and Nominating Committee

Organization Design and Culture Committee

Leaders and Mentors Committee

Charters, Policies and Declaration of Trust

Dream is committed to sound and effective corporate governance. Our goal is to not only meet the requirements established by securities laws and regulators but to also uphold the spirit of ‘good corporate governance’.